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This is a "private label". It's just me (Uku Meri) and my projects.

For a larger artist base, we recommend our affiliate


* Uku Meri ...

Solo instrumental works, primarily keyboard based (synthesizers and piano) with some percussion. 

Styles are a mixture of soundtrack, earthy and surreal electronics, new age ( not the "wallflower" new age), classical, and world music influences.

Best described as "Visual music" - close your eyes and envision your own personal visions that the music evokes. 

Albums available are: Fabric of Space , idioSYNcrasies, and Synthphonies, plus a Radio Interview featuring 30 minutes of chat and 30 minutes of Synthphonies "on the air".

Albums "in progress": information not available at this time.


Uku is available for soundtrack projects and session work.  E-mail for information (and obviously supply information about your project as well.)

* The Creatures of Habit ...

Progressive-Rock band format, with keyboards, drums, bass, guitars, and vocals (sometimes). Other instruments are also prevalent.

Styles vary, as do accompanyists.  In the progressive rock spirit, all styles are within reason

Listeners have previously likened what they heard to ELP, Peter Gabriel (Genesis), Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention), King Crimson, Rush, David Byrne (Talking Heads), Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo), Yes, Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield, etc. 

CD Albums available: Force of Habit (studio), Live at Hammerhedz, and several "Live L.I.C.S." series sessions (these are improv-prog).

DVDs available: Live at Hammerhedz, and several "Live L.I.C.S." series sessions.

More specific information and links to videos, audio tracks, and news are found at The Creatures of Habit .com website.

* The Meri Progsters

Uku Meri is a one man band, with some help from friends occasionally.

Albums available: "Human Sushi".

Albums "in progress": "Rock Synth the Head", "Another Take", "Accolade",

Other related past artists may be released from "The Vaults" - especially MLK (Meri, Lucey, & Klaastad) and the many legendary Argon Studio electrique jams.


* More ?  ...

Our affiliate label, PROGSTERS.COM, is gearing towards having additional artists.


More artists may be gracing this affiliate label in the future, but due to the economy, we don't expect it happening until things get better.

(Currently, due to the economy, we are not "signing" anyone in the traditional sense. Please hold off any hopes in this regard.)

Meri Music and would like to build alliances with other independent artists.

E-mail Meri Music if you are interested, whether as an artist, an investor, for distribution, as a larger label with re$ources, and so on...

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