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History: The Creatures of Habit, named in 1989 by band leader Uku Meri with drummer Michael Pendola and guitarist Duane LeVasseur, has been going in different guises (as recording or stage bands) continually since.  Actually, it is a continuation of the progressive bands that Uku Meri had been a leader of in the past - which would include Accolade (1979-1982, which included Michael and Duane at times) and Human Sushi (1983-1987).  The C.O.H. tribute to the Human Sushi era has now been released on CD, as will the Accolade tribute in the near future.

At the time of the naming, it was that members of an earlier group (Accolade) had somehow once again gravitated into doing creative music together - as Creatures of Habit would tend to do, we thought.  We raise a symbolic toast to the Mothers of Invention, as well as fusing many types of music in the progressive rock tradition.

Band members have come and gone through the years (especially in the Accolade predessor), and the C.O.H. have had infrequent live performances of late.  With the upcoming remastered releases of "Force of Habit" and "Live at Hammerhedz", and the new releases of recent studio recordings (The "Live L.I.C.S." series), the Creatures of Habit will indeed be sighted on stages once again. 


The Creatures of Habit - circa 2010 (just like 1989-1993, and from 2006 onwards) core members (left to right) -

Michael Pendola - drums & vocals, Uku Meri - synthesizers & assorted instruments, and Mark Corrigan - guitar synth and other stringed instruments.

We have some semi-regular members, recurring musicians, and special guests that have "open chairs" with the band...

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Music discs for sale on CD and DVD:

Available on CD and DVD.

$ 10. CD - Hammerhedz, NY 4/23/93 - The Creatures of Habit

$ 16. DVD - Hammerhedz, NY 4/23/93 - The Creatures of Habit


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Creatures of Habit, Meri Music, and Progsters Logos were designed by Uku Meri, who has designed quite a few logos.


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