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We would really prefer that you order online with PayPal, but if you really must use the US Postal Service - here is a printable order form.


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Ordering Instructions:
Print this page from your browser and fill out the form below. (Handwritten orders are also accepted). 
Make all payments  to "Uku Meri."
All payments must be in US currency.
Checks, money-orders, postal orders, or cash are accepted. Cash should be concealed and sent at your own risk.
Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.






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Item   Description Qty Each Amount
UM-06-CD CD Uku Meri - "idioSYNcrasies"    $ 10.  
UM-05-CD CD Uku Meri - "Fabric of Space"   $ 10.  
UM-01-CD CD Uku Meri - "Synthphonies"   $ 10.  
UM-02-CD CD Uku Meri - KUOP-FM "Home Studio" Radio Interview   $ 10.  
MP-03-CD CD The Meri Progsters - "Human Sushi"   $ 10.  
TS-coh-BW TS COH T-shirt - black letters on white shirt -  S - M - L - X - XL   $ 16.  
TS-coh-WB TS COH T-shirt - white letters on black shirt -  S - M - L - X - XL   $ 16.  
TS-coh-YB TS COH T-shirt - yellow letters on black shirt -  S - M - L - X - XL   $ 16.  



ADD Shipping per order (domestic US $ 5.00; Canada - $ 7.00;  international, add $ 10.00)


Other charges (NYS tax, special shipping)




Specify size(s) if ordering shirts. Write any additional shipping information or other notes either on side or on the back of the order form.

* The recipient is responsible for any applicable local customs charges. 
Special shipping (such as Federal Express, U.P.S., etc.) may require additional cost; please inquire if necessary.

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