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Radio airplay for Uku Meri - "Synthphonies"

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KUOP-FM 91.3 FM - Stockton, CA (NPR affiliated)

The first airing of any selection from SYNTHPHONIES occurred on the "Home Studio" show on October 7, 1996. "Home Studio" is hosted by Jeff Crawford, and is broadcasted on KUOP-FM 91.3 in the Stockton, California area. KUOP-FM is a member of the National Public Radio network. "Spellbound" was the first song from "Synthphonies" to be aired.   The entire album has gone into rotation since then, so I was told...

KBBF 89.1 FM - Santa Rosa, CA (NPR affiliated)

"I played one of your songs in the radio during my program.... I played "Alpine Ski Jam", and at the end mentioned your name, the title of the song, and the title of your cd. Here is the info of my program... Name: Motivacion Atravez de Informacion (Spanish Only) Educational program that presents techniques to improve self-esteem. Topics presented are many, the emphasis is to present information which the radio lisenter, may otherwise not come in contact with. Astronomy, Philosophy, Personal Motivation, Meditation Techniques, Psychology, etc are among some of the topics presented. (Technology is also another topic)"

Producer and Host: Gustavo Arizmendi; Radio Station: KBBF 89.1 FM (NPR affiliated) Santa Rosa, CA

Radio Interview on KUOP-FM's "Home Studio" program

On March 31, 1997 at 9 pm Pacific time (which ironically was 12 midnight April 1, 1997 Eastern time)- a live via telephone interview was conducted with Uku Meri for Jeff Crawford's HOME STUDIO radio program. During the hour long interview, several songs from "Synthphonies" were aired. The other "half" was dialogue between Uku & Jeff.

  This interview has been made into an album, and is available for purchase.

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