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Here are FIVE RELEASES currently available on compact disc from Meri Music.

Uku Meri - synthesizers, piano, assorted other instruments

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ROCK ensemble music (featuring Uku Meri):

Creatures of Habit - "Human Sushi"
Vocal rock songs, featuring Uku Meri and friends.  [Rock band arrangements]
Creatures of Habit - "Unspoken Habits"
Instrumental rock songs, featuring Uku Meri and friends.   [Rock band arrangements] 
            Not yet available.
The Meri Progsters - "Another Take"
Alternate mix progressive rock songs of other albums.   [Rock band arrangements] 
            Not yet available.

Textures, mystical, New Age (?) visionary music:

Uku Meri - "Fabric of Space"
Music from The Great Beyond ~ 
Uku Meri - "idioSYNcrasies"
More "otherworldly visions"...

Post Modern Classical (?)

Uku Meri - "Synthphonies"
"Otherworldly visions", "if Tchaikovsky ~ Vivaldi used today's electronics, it would sound like this record ..." 
Uku Meri - Radio Interview on KUOP-FM 91.3 - March 31, 1997
A special edition of "Home Studio", hosted by Jeff Crawford.  The hour show has half talk and half of the "Synthphonies" CD..

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