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Born and bred, and based in New York City.

Founded in the late 70s as "The Workers", guitarist Frank Robbins and drummer/vocalist Frank Sceri joined with bassist/lead vocalist Michael Kramer as a trio. Joseph O'Neill joined them as the keyboardist in the early 80s. After his departure, Uku Meri was recruited on keyboards and vocals in the mid 80s. At that time, the name of the band changed to "Access to Strangers".

There were countless gigs at many Manhattan clubs like CBGB's, Great Gildersleeves, Kenny's Castaways, The Bitter End, and others all during the 80s. There were serious negotiations with major record companies, back in the days when they were relevant. Unfortunately and ultimately, it proved fruitless because the record labels could not figure out who ACCESS TO STRANGERS are, and what to do with the unique character of the music.  It was unlike anything they were familiar with. And, it probably still is...

So at the end of the decade, real life issues caught up with the band, and the members went their separate ways.


Decades pass (yes, the 90s and 00s). Everyone has lost contact. All is lost?

Thanks to the internet, band members start to connect again. And in August 2010, arrangements were made for a reunion jam. And it was good, very good. So good, in fact, that the band is back together.

(Logo designed by Uku Meri.)


Hear some songs on

The band is working on releasing material, from both present and past.


Band trivia:

Many of the song titles are not even mentioned in the song, sometimes.
Here are some of the song titles (and what the listener would probably think it is in parenthesis):

* Saint Theresa (What the Baptist Said)
* Creature Features (Take Me to Japan)
* The Lover (I Remember Days of Rapture)
* Expononential Potential (Horus Avenger)
* Sheep (Ancient Days)
* The Escape (My Mind's a Cauldron...)
* Perimeter Blues (Black Horizon)

And some song titles that would be quite evident:

* The Hermit
* Three-D Fantasy
* I've Seen You
* Special Assignment
* It's a Crime
* Children of the Night
* The Dream
* Not A Dream
* The Night
* Dark Plateau
* Sweet Dreams Delilah
* Body of God
* The Full Moons of Uranus




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