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Multi-instrumentalist/composer Uku Meri has created plenty of progressive rock music that didn't make its way into band projects, and band projects that otherwise did not make it to the public, and other band-sounding material looking for placement.

The Meri Progsters are compilations of material that sound like a band, even if Uku Meri is doing all or most of it himself.

     [Note: Visit the web site for Uku Meri's synthesizer and/or keyboard oriented music.]

Uku Meri has played percussion since age 3 or 4, electronic organ since age 5, bass guitar and synthesizers since age 15, and guitar and drums shortly thereafter. He has been in rock bands playing any or any combination of these instruments.

Chronologically, important bands he was involved with were "Euphoria" (1978-1979) (his last gigging "cover band"), "Accolade" (1979-1983), "MLK" (Meri, Lucey & Klaastad) (1977-1985), "Human Sushi" (1984-1988), "Access to Strangers" (1985-1988, 2010- ), and "The Creatures of Habit" (1988-1996, 2006- ). There were many minor projects along the way, and countless jams with all sorts of musicians - some of them famous nowadays.

The first official "Meri Progsters" release is "Human Sushi" - featuring many of his vocal (lyric) compositions with the Human Sushi band, along with other compositions of that era. The second release "Rock Syn the Head" is instrumental music, featuring keyboards with electronic drums and rhythmic loops.



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Human Sushi (band) on Manhattan cable TV circa 1987-1978,
Emil Varona (sax), Rich Thiel (guitar), Anton Pukshanksy (bass, guitar, keyboard), and Uku Meri (keyboards, bass, vocals, drums).



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