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email: phone:  (718) 713-4571 Over 25 years experience in the computer business
web: P.O. Box 747611, Rego Park, NY 11374 Queens Logic does "house calls" in the NYC/LI area.

Queens Logic is the invention of necessity, as its founder was laid off in the current bad economic times.
His wealth of knowledge from over 25 years in the computer industry, and creative talents, is available
for local Queens, New York City, and Long Island businesses and individuals.

Queens Logic provides on-site service, and could take problem PCs back to the office when necessary.
We can instruct you at your location at your convenience.

Graphic art design and website design is available beyond the local area.

"The man behind the Queens Logic curtain in computer Oz" is ...


A sampling of recent client issues solved by Queens Logic:


A Day Spa (Kew Gardens) (repeat client, different issues over time) -

* Resolved Network issues between the new Windows 7 front desk PC and the relocated Windows XP PC to the back office.
* Established security policies with the wireless router and multiple users.
* Solved the POS receipt printer with cash drawer upgrade issue with the third party vendor, as this was a cutting edge issue that had no previous solution;
   In effect, Queens Logic was able to get the vendor's developers to write a driver update patch.
* The printer was moved and set as a wireless network printer; Resolved issues with paper feed and forgetting its network settings (dynamic IP address).
* Microsoft Outlook accounts and folder permissions.
* Lots of little things were solved and explained.
* But most significantly, Queens Logic solved problems that "The Geek Squad" (Best Buy) could not solve or understand !!! (For less money for the owner.)

A Dog Obedience Business (Glendale) -
* Advanced tutoring on Internet, FTP, and Microsoft Front Page design.
* Consultation on bulk e-mail programming setup, and understanding and selecting hosting options.

A Sculptor with Current Exhibits (Forest Hills) -
* Advanced Adobe Photoshop tutoring on Macintosh.
* Tutoring on best practices for picture attachments with e-mail messages.

A Gift Catalog business (Forest Hills) - (repeat client, over time)
* First business computer - purchase recommendation, maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades.
* Second (replacement) business computer - the same as above, plus the transfer of files. (Seven years after the first one!)
* Installation of hardware and connectivity applications.
* Tutoring on Microsoft Word, Internet E-mail programs, & optimizing printer settings.



Michael (Rego Park) (repeat client, different issues over time) -
* Kept a long obsolete PC alive well past its life expectancy with troubleshooting.
* Recommended a new replacement PC, which was purchased; Files transferred, programs updated & upgraded.
* Replacement of hard drive, and restoring the system image onto the new drive, plus additional program installations and file restorations.
* Telephone and e-mail liaison to PC hardware and software manufacturers and service technicians and salespeople.
* Installation of hardware and software, establishing a regimen for backing up files.

Matthew (Woodside) (repeat client, different issues over time) -
* Recommended laptop PC, which was purchased.
* Set up secure wired and wireless network connections.
* Removed viruses, trojans, and malware.
* Installed anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software, which will automatically protect computer.
* Diagnosed manufacturing defect, which lead to manufacturer replacing LCD display.
* Instructed client on Restore Point functionality, so that client can solve recurring online issues.

Martin (Middle Village) -
* Desktop system barely booted initially.
* Removed viruses, trojans, and malware.
* Transferred files to discs to clear hard drive space, which was at capacity. Defragmented the hard drive.
* Cleaned the Windows Registry thoroughly.
* Reinstalled corrupted video drivers and system files.
* Installed larger RAM memory.
* Resolved internet connection problems.

Robert (Jamaica) -
* Laptop would not successfully boot (cycles from splash screen to reboot).
* System files were corrupted and replaced.
* Recommendation for battery and charger, which were both diagnosed as defective.
* Audio file transfers between computer and iPod  were having issues (resolved)

Darla (Glendale) -
* Removed viruses, trojans, and malware.
* Physically rearranged and connected desktop with printer, speakers, internet, and accessories.
* Set up security against unwanted guest use.
* Removed pirated and questionable files from unwanted guest.
* Cleaned registry and hard drive, and defragmented the hard drive.

There are more happy customers, including some helped on the phone for free and never saw a dime. Oh well...1 Queens Logic Computer Services


QUEENS LOGIC is experienced and trained in:

* All Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Servers
* Macintosh operating systems
* All Microsoft Office products - Work, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Project, Front Page, Visio
* Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, Framemaker
* Technical documentation

* Computer and network hardware

* MUSIC software (too numerous to mention) 

Certificate trained from New Horizons:
* Network+
* Security+
* Administrating Windows Servers
* HTML/DHTML Programming
* JavaScript Programming
* Microsoft Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint / Project  

Graphic art design and website design.

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