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         "You can't make this stuff up, but WE do!"

Founded in 1979 as "Accolade" with keyboardist/bassist/vocalist Uku Meri and drummer Michael Pendola.
Their first jam was with Jordan Rudess at his family's house (Uku on bass for that one).

Accolade had many lineup changes during its four year existence, with Uku Meri the only constant member.
Michael Pendola was in and out several times, and personnel changes would often derail the progress of recording and performing.
Despite the revolving door, the music was always progressive and original.

The Creatures Of Habit and its permutations started in 1988, when Uku Meri (keyboards) joined with former Accolade members Tom Pajkowski (guitar) and Michael Pendola (drums), with several transient bassists, playing original instrumental fusion, named "Fresh Bag". As the bassists dried up, former Accolade guitarist Duane LeVasseur joined the trio - in essence reforming the 1983 version of Accolade. This version was named "Apple Pi". One Accolade song was brought in as a nod to the old band. As in the 1983 Accolade, Tom, Duane, and Uku took turns covering bass - with arrangements of songs to accommodate switching instruments.

However, Tom had to leave the band (a move out of town), leaving the band as a trio. During this time, the name of the band was changed to The Creatures Of Habit, tangentially inspired by a Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon.

Auditions were held for bassists, vocalists, and other instruments. Then, Duane also left (for a move out of state), leaving just Uku and Michael.
More auditions ensued, and for brief periods there were stable lineups.
Eventually, the band stabilized with the additions of Mark Corrigan (guitar) and Kevin Brown (bass & bass pedals).

The Creatures Of Habit resumed recording and prepared for performing. However, Mark suffered a major medical problem (Multiple Sclerosis), which prevented him from continuing in the short term. Joseph Khejl, who previously was in the band before Mark, was recruited to continue recording and preparing for gigs. The "Force of Habit" compact disc by The Creatures Of Habit highlights both guitarists from this time.

Mark miraculously was able to recover from Multiple Sclerosis, and was reinstated into the band. The band had several gigs in Manhattan and Long Island, until the internal boiling point blew over and the plug was pulled on the project.


Years pass. But Mark had a plan, getting the core together (unknown to anyone else) at his wedding and reception.

And because of this, The Creatures Of Habit were reborn. Arrangements were made for a reunion jam, with core members Michael Pendola (drums), Uku Meri (synthesizers), Mark Corrigan (guitar), and new (occasional) Creatures Roy Johansen (guitar, keyboards) and Tim Dempsey (bass) in 2006. And it was good, very good. So good, in fact, that the band is back together and steadily playing and recording.


A new direction for recording in these new times:

The band instituted a different recording method upon its resurrection.
Since the band has a core chemistry of over 20 and 30 years together, we can improvise on a higher psychic level.
For every recording session dubbed "Live L.I.C.S" (Live in a Long Island City Studio) or "Live L.I.Q.S." (Live in Queens Somewhere),
the band is improvising new original progressive music "on the fly" and recording it (audio and often video).
All new, fresh, no cover songs, always different, mostly innovative, and with our guest musicians - a melding of all types of styles, textures, rhythms, and personalities. We have many edited sessions available on CD and DVD, and are preparing different "best of" collections.

For our performances, we also include some of our structured, arranged songs along with improvisations.

(Logo, T-shirts, and slogans designed by Uku Meri.)

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Shameless plug #1:

The Creatures of Habit are looking for paying gigs in the NYC metropolitan area.
Contact us if you can book this original progressive rock project.



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