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           Uku Meri

Born and raised in New York City, into a musical family. Uku Meri started playing electronic organ at age 5 and synthesizers at age 15, and has been creating unique music for quite some time.

Starting with a Roland SH-3a and the Moog MiniMoog in the mid 1970s, sound sculpting has been as important as the notes used with the sounds. The synthesizers and assorted audio tools have evolved over time, and the recordings reflect that. 


His first electronic compositions were made in the late 70s, and were well received by those who heard them. His first audio cassette release (remember cassettes?) was in 1983 - entitled "Seeing Eye Dogs". About half of those selections were released on "Synthphonies" (1996), the original pressings done in Canada. The other half of that album was composed on computer using MIDI sequencing. That album was recognized by (remember that site?), making Uku Meri "Classical Artist of the Month". There were other favorable reviews.

Since that time, he has released many more CDs, including "Fabric of Space", "idioSYNcrasies", "Syntax", and "Algorithms".
These are available here and on the web site.

Shameless plug #1:

Uku Meri is actively seeking work as a soundtrack composer/creator.
contact him if you need music and sound for video, film, multimedia, ...

Apparel with Uku Meri artwork is available from

For more information, visit the web site.

(Logo, artwork, and CDs designed by Uku Meri.)


Listen to Uku Meri music on


Rather hear rock? Check out his current bands:

Oh yeah, he also rocks out.



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