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Original, progressive (rock*) music. "You can't make this stuff up, but WE do."

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The Creatures of Habit
have been making original progressive rock music for over 20 years (actually over 30 if you include our previous incarnation), and now - thanks to the internet and other technological advances, our music is available to the universe.

In addition to selling CDs and DVDs (and downloads), we also have T-shirts and other merchandise.

If you like our music, please support us (buy our stuff) and spread the word.

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April 1993 - THE CREATURES OF HABIT in this picture are (from right to left) ...
UKU MERI - synthesizers, MICHAEL PENDOLA - drums, synthesizers,
- electric guitar, and KEVIN BROWN - bass guitar and pedals.


The Creatures of Habit - (Brief) Profile

The core members of the band are (from left to right):

UKU MERI - synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals, occasional drums, Chapman Stick, and assorted whatever.

MICHAEL PENDOLA - drums, vocals, percussion, occasional keyboards.

MARK CORRIGAN - guitar synthesizer, guitars, vocals, bass, Chapman Stick, and other stringed instruments.

We have a number of semi-regular members and recurring guest members, and well as other special guests. For more information on the band members, see the Band Bio page.

For the history of The Creatures of Habit, see our Information page.

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