The Creatures of Habit

Original, progressive (rock*) music. "You can't make this stuff up, but WE do."

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The Creatures of Habit (COH) has embarked on a new direction in the new century.

"Live L.I.C.S." (Long Island City Studio), or occasionally "Live L.I.Q.S." (Located In Queens Somewhere),
are our memorable jam-cordings of new, progressive music improvisations.

Instead of rehearsing the same old/new material continually
in search of little gigs that don't pay much at all (in front of the "wrong" audience),
COH is locked in "Creation Mode."

The core trio has been playing together for over twenty years,
with two of the members playing together over thirty years.
(And, in the past, it was almost every night for long stretches...)

With this chemistry, COH is creating "on-the-fly" improvisational progressive music.
We are sometimes assisted by our invited musician friends,
who are obviously connected with what we do. 

The numbered sessions are complete (especially DVD) or slightly edited (CD versions).

The "Best of ..." Sampler series are selected highlights of that selected time, style, or motif.


Best of Live L.I.C.S.

    Currently under development...


Individual Live L.I.C.S. sessions:



Live L.I.C.S. # 76 (Feb. 19, 2010)

Song titles:
(1)"Red" Squared (33:01)
(2) Doctor Spook (30:25)
(3) Fuzzy Logic (15:20)
(4) C.I.A./Tired Woods (44:24)

(Listings reflect DVD song times.)

UKU MERI - keyboards, synth guitar, vocals;
MICHAEL PENDOLA - drums, vocals;
MARK CORRIGAN - synth guitar;












Description SKU # Price
option 1 sku-1 100
option 2 sku-2 200
option 3 sku-3 300


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